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At Advanced Roofline Installations we only use the best products and we take great pride in not only the finished look but in the detail of the installation. We are so confident in the service we provide that we will not ask for a single penny until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

We will never over clad the existing timber Facias! this is a short cut many companies employ to save time on the installation but can have serious long term consequences to the structural integrity of your roof timbers. See below for an overview of a typical installation.

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Always at Your Service

The first step on any project is to ensure our installers have safe access to the areas they will be working on, scaffolds or working platforms will be erected. Occasionally we will use ladders if there is restricted access.

The next step is to strip off the existing Roofline and inspect the eaves to ensure the rafter ends are in good condition, if there is any rot or damage we will repair this with treated timber to ensure sound fixing points for the new Facias & Soffits.

Typically we will find that the roof felt or roof underlay has deteriorated due to exposure to sunlight and weather which in turn is the main cause of internal leaks leading to rotten Facias, Soffits and rafter ends, left unchecked it can travel into the main structure of the roof. At Advanced Roofline Installations we have the solution! fitted as standard we call it our Eaves Protection System (Eaves Guard), this will solve the issue and eliminate the chances of it occurring in the future. Made from non biodegradable polyurethane this is a permanent solution.

The next step is to install the new UPVC Facias and Soffits followed by the Guttering and Downpipes, all unions and outlets have a high quality rubber seals to ensure that they never leak. We use high quality stainless steel screws and Poly-top colour coded fixing pins for peace of mind.

Finally we will remove our access equipment and have a final clean up before giving you a chance to inspect the workmanship.

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